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What Motivates You To Exercise?

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I was enjoying a cup of coffee this afternoon and was so excited about having ordered some new kettlebells and other exercise equipment. For a personal trainer/fitness coach, you can imagine that would be an easy motivator to either workout or create a new workout program! However, that got me thinking and asking what motivates others to start working out altogether, enjoying a walk, jogging, or beginning a new workout routine?

For me, it took a catastrophic event (my car accident) to begin working out. I recently shared that with you here. However, after that it really was weight training that gave me the endorphin rush I was hoping for. Cardio really didn’t get me excited or motivated. For some of my Facebook friends, it’s results or losing weight. What motivates you?

How about you?

I’m curious to know what motivates YOU?

Watch the replay here and comment below!

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